What should I do?

Step 1 : Download and try it Step 2 : If you like it, purchase license code

First download the program and try it out. After some time the GPS switches off, but it will give you plenty of opportunity to ensure that this program is for you.

Come back to our website and purchase a license code. It costs 19.90 USD.

You then enter this license code into the program and it will give you unlimited usage.

Other Downloading Options

You have three options for how to download the program

  • Download via Computer and USB cable to the BlackBerry here. That you do from this site here below.
  • Open the Browser on your BlackBerry and download directly from www.MyAnchorWatch.com/Mobile.
  • Open 'App World' on your BlackBerry and search for 'My Anchor Watch'.

Instructions for downloading via USB cable

Downloading 'My Anchor Watch' is simple. It follows these steps :

  • Connect the BlackBerry to the computer with a USB cable
  • Enter personal data. As a minimum we need your email address (We strictly adhere to our privacy policy.)
  • Press the 'Download' button and the download starts.
  • If prompted for confirmations, answer YES or OK.

ActiveX needs toActiveX needs to be enabled in your browser for the download and installation to work. If it is not enabled, a message will tell you.

If you have already purchased 'My Anchor Watch' and are just upgrading to a new version (which ofcourse is free), please use the login at the right and then download the new version.

Is ActiveX enabled?

If you see this message, ActiveX is most likely not enabled in your browser. See here about how to activate ActiveX.

Note that only Internet Explorer supports ActiveX reliably. If you do not have Internet Explorer we recommend that you use your BlackBerry, open the Browser and surf to www.MyAnchorWatch.com. Our mobile website should then load and you can download the program 'Over The Air' (OTA).

Also check to see if you see a yellow information bar at the top of your screen. If so, please click it to allow ActiveX to run.

Enter email adress to receive our newsletter.

Enter username/password or click on register.

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May 28, 2012
My Anchor Watch is featured app in the BlackBerry 'App World'! For convinience you may download directly from 'App World'.

February 2, 2012
The lastest version of the program is 2.1.1, and is easiest to download from your BlackBerry Browser.

February 1, 2012
Yachting magazines all over the world is acclaiming MyAnchorWatch. The latest in the mix are 'Yachting Monthly' and 'Power and Motoryacht Magazine' that praises the program.

November 8, 2011
MyAnchorWatch is getting more and more publicity. The renowed blog Panbo has acclaimed MyanchorWatch.
See more on Panbo.

January 1, 2011
MyAnchorWatch is now available for all BlackBerries equipped with GPS (except BB10) - also the Storm and Storm II. Download here .