Just started

Resting at anchor

When lying at anchor we usually worry about weather our anchor is holding or not. After a few hours we normally settle down and realize that the boat most likely is safe. However, when the wind is shifting, it starts raining, the tide is turning, a new sound is heard or any change in the conditions, most captains stick their head up to ensure that everything is ok.

At this time, we have probably taken various sighting lines in all directions and tried to estimate if the boat is dragging or just swinging around on its anchor.

If we have anchored many times before with the same boat, the same anchor and the same bottom conditions, then we are usually more confident and trust our equipment. However, some nagging worry about dragging will never go away for many of us. That is where 'My Anchor Watch' comes in! Even if experience tells us that it is 95% likelyhood that we will not drag, we can not relax completely.

We then switch on 'My Anchor Watch' and let the electronics supervise the situation. We immediately get a plot of the boats movement on the screen and we know that if the boat starts dragging we will get an alarm. The feeling of knowing the situation is for most of us the difference beteween a tense afternoon or pure pleasure!

Just started

Going to sleep

When it is time to go to bed, everything is already dark around us. We realize that all the familiar sights around us now suddenly looks very different. A quick glance on 'My Anchor Watch' tells us the full story!

We now bring the phone with us and puts it next to our bed. The best is if we can have a 12V outlet next to the bed and use a charger in the phone. If that is the case, we can safely leave the display in "bedside mode" and therefore have the LCD constantly on. A quick glance will always show where we are in relation to our anchor. We automatically will see if we have swung around to another position.

If we have no charger next to the bed, we have to leave the display in its off state in order not to empty the battery to fast. The alarms will work anyhow, and if we want to check on our position, we can just press a button on the phone to light up the display.

The whole point of having 'My Anchor Watch' is however that we should not need to think about dragging. Hence, we can just forget about our anchor and should worse come to worst and we are dragging, we will be alerted immediately.