My Anchor Watch screen shot on BlackBerry Bold.

Todays smart phones have a hardware that is mind boggling. Why not put it to useful use?

"My Anchor Watch" uses the GPS on your smartphone to monitor your boat's position. If the boat moves outside of set limits, the program will alert you immediately. There are no more sleepless nights when you worry about weather your boat is dragging or not. Keep the phone next to where you are sleeping and a quick glance will asure you that all is ok.

If the boat drags out of the predefined areas, it will alert you in any way you decide. Flashing text, sounding alarm or even send an SMS to another phone.

These functionllities are not available in any other anchor watch! To get it at this price is only improving matters. Isn't technology advances wonderful!

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'My Anchor Watch' is a simple to use - but extremely versatile - anchor watch.

It warns you if your anchor is dragging, but it performs this "simple" task in a very efficient and flexible manner!

Examples of usage
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Naturally 'My Anchor Watch' is used to monitor your boat when at anchor.

However, the full usefullness might not be so obvious. Lean more here!

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'My Anchor Watch' can be downloaded and tried for free.

Note that BB10 is not supported.

The below are just a few of the praises the program have received so far. Please send us your own experience!

“While I have an anchorwatch in my plotter, I have never used it. Plotters seem to complicated and takes a lot of power. Last night used 'My Anchor Watch' and I slept better than any night at anchor before!”

- Bjorn, S/Y Chattanoga, Georgetown

“Simple, ingenious and easy to use!”

- Malcolm

“Was just ashore with the dingy to do some shopping. Despite the bad weather I dared to stay longer ashore. I knew I'd get an SMS if the boat dragged. Wonderful!”

- SY Caldera

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May 28, 2012
My Anchor Watch is featured app in the BlackBerry 'App World'! For convinience you may download directly from 'App World'.

February 2, 2012
The lastest version of the program is 2.1.1, and is easiest to download from your BlackBerry Browser.

February 1, 2012
Yachting magazines all over the world is acclaiming MyAnchorWatch. The latest in the mix are 'Yachting Monthly' and 'Power and Motoryacht Magazine' that praises the program.

November 8, 2011
MyAnchorWatch is getting more and more publicity. The renowed blog Panbo has acclaimed MyanchorWatch.
See more on Panbo.

January 1, 2011
MyAnchorWatch is now available for all BlackBerries equipped with GPS (except BB10) - also the Storm and Storm II. Download here .